The Cardboard Standing Desk

Chairigami Zach Rocholz Standing Desk Two Birds Apparel

Over the last few years, I’ve seen a number of articles and designs promoting the use of standing desks as a healthy alternative to traditional office desks. By standing up for longer periods of time during the day, we are able to avoid the negative effects associated with a largely sedentary office culture (i.e., sitting in a desk chair for 8+ hours a day). Standing desk proponents claim that working at a standing desk is good for cardiovascular health, and can make people more productive as they are less likely to succumb to 3pm food comas. While there is some debate over the productivity claims of working at a standing desk versus a sitting desk, we like the idea of having some physical activity in an office setting.

Chairigami Cardboard Standing Desk construction Gif | Two Birds Apparel

Entrepreneur Zach Rocholz has designed a low-cost, lightweight standing desk made out of FSC certified cardboard with a high recycled content. Since we are fans of all things recycled, recyclable and sustainably harvested, Zach’s “Chairigami Standing Desk” Kickstarter campaign definitely got our attention. His cardboard standing desk weighs only 15 pounds, but can support up to 300 pounds. This looks like a great option for anyone interested in testing out a standing desk with a relatively low investment. The Kickstarter campaign While shipping is currently only in the US, Chairigami will soon be offering their products for international shipping. 

You can check out some of Zach's other interesting cardboard furniture design on the Chairigami website.