Tiff Talks: That Colour is SO in Right Now

Tiffany Andrew
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Does fashion have to be complicated? There seems to be an endless set of rules laid out before us mere mortals. I agree that the fit of your attire is important – especially if you’re sporting a tailored suit, but outside of our formal affairs are all these rules essential to follow? What’s on my mind right now is the lifecycle of colour trends in fashion and their contribution to wasteful consumer habits.

That Colour is SO in Right Now

(Photo credit: Tommy Ton for Style.com)

It’s tempting to get caught up in all the hype of seasonal pantone colour schemes that are laid before you to follow. Neon is so in right now, but wait a minute – wasn’t it in during the early 90s? These colours are a part of a trend. Once neon is exchanged for the next colour trend, that bright green sweatshirt you just bought will be yesterday’s news! What then, do we do with these trendy items when they are no longer accepted as “in”? Unfortunately, they are usually discarded and added to the ever-growing landfills. Yes, fashion colour trend DOES cause waste. I try to avoid adding to the pile by purchasing clothes that are both high in quality and classic. It’s also best to choose colours that are easy to mix and match in your wardrobe. That way, you’ll be able to create a variety of outfits effortlessly.

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Which colours look best together? This is a tricky one for those who aren’t naturally inclined to see colours for more than their primary names: blue, red, yellow, etc. Ever find yourself wondering, what IS teal? There are some classic colour rules that are commonly heard such as, black and navy blue don’t go together. I have my own personal set of colour combo no-nos:

Black and Orange – Halloween has come early
Red and Yellow – ketchup and mustard
Green and Purple – Barney the dinosaur

My advice – make 80% of your wardrobe neutral and monochromatic colours such as light grey, charcoal, black, navy blue, beige, etc. Use these colours as a base to work off of. It’s easy to pair these colours together – except of course, black and navy blue! Next, add in some colours that you enjoy, or generally look good on you. Use these colours as accents in your outfits. By choosing colours of your preference, you’ll avoid following colour trends and can continue wearing them regardless of how “in” they are or not. More cool, casual looks for you - less neon, glowing shirts for the landfills.

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