This Retailer Wants You to Buy Less

Daniel Andrew
Co-Founder & Director of Operations


Photo Credit: Smart Planet

I had an interview with a journalist from a well-respected sustainability organization this past Thursday. I feel incredibly grateful that we are getting a lot of good press about the environmental and social decisions we have made as the backbone of our company. The journalist asked me a question about where I would like to see this industry in five years, and I thought I would share one of my thoughts. I encourage you to read the article when it gets published to hear the rest of them. 

The retail clothing industry operates on a four-season calendar, allowing brands to sell their products to retailers on a rotating basis throughout the year. As new season collections are released, older seasons get discounted, put on clearance, some donated, others destroyed or sent to the landfill. This is fast fashion. The objective is to see how much consumers will buy – the more they buy, the lower the prices, the more they buy.

What if instead of convincing everyone that they need to buy a new wardrobe every season, we saw a shift to a model where people buy less? What if people bought one-off items that they really cared about, that were made by someone paid fairly, that were made in a safe factory, perhaps even powered by the sun or wind? What if these items could be worn for years, and went well with other clothing they own? I believe the business model can still be profitable for brands with a focus on less is more. Better quality, durability, design and a lower environmental footprint. This is what I strive for in every business decision I make.

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